Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sunday: reaching for the pictures in his favorite book, "I Kissed the Baby." He was laughing out loud at the pages "I tickled the baby. Did you tickle the baby? / Yes! I tickled the baby, the wriggly, giggly thing" previously. Very cute.

Monday: learned a new vocabulary--as in, fun screeching sounds. Extremely cute and sometimes extremely loud. Sometimes this is a happy voice, sometimes not...

Party time

Hm, I was going to say the above picture is another milestone, but it's not the first work event of mine that Rowan's attended! That would be the baseball game back in September. We do have fun at my job. Anyway, last week we had a launch party for the premiere of our new series, Reel NW. The film Wheedle's Groove kicked us off, and the musicians from the film are still playing today--including at our party. What a great time! Rowan's ears were protected thanks to borrowed headphones (we'll be buying our own for sure) and he enjoyed dancing with papa.

Rowan does seem to like to sleep 12 hours in a row--he's still snoozing, though I had to bring him to bed and shut off all lights last night for him to finally fall asleep. He's a good baby, keeping us busy!