Saturday, July 12, 2008


When you see a word enough it starts to look funny. If you're like me, when this happens you head to the dictionary to reassure yourself that it means what you think it means. Often this results in learning an obscure definition of a word. Here's a definition of "registration" I was not aware of until now.

"4 a: the art or act of selecting and adjusting pipe organ stops b: the combination of stops selected for performing a particular organ work"

Being a lousy keyboard player I've never had the opportunity to sit down at a pipe organ, but I can only imagine that this is one of those details you sweat after you've really learned the piece you're playing.

In nine years together Daphne and I know each other pretty well. We've shared a household for a while now, and accumulated our share of stuff. We do like gifts though. This, and a little prompting from friends and family finally lit a fire under us to think about what sort of gifts we might appreciate.

Like so many other aspects of wedding planning putting together a registry has been an opportunity to learn about the world of consumer products. For example, there is a pan which will form your cake batter into the shape of a tiny stadium.

Ok, so the stadium-cake pan didn't make the cut, but we did put together a list of items we think might make our new-and-improved life together more harmonious. I was hoping to more seamlessly work in a "pulling out all the stops" quip here, but I think referring to the dictionary was cheesy enough.

So, without further ado, here's the list.

You'll need a password to get in. The password is 081608 (the wedding date).


lindsay said...

Thank god you've put something together. Mike pulled out the olive branch espresso set from the cupboard and got ready to wrap it up when I told him that I was pretty sure you two had seen in there. Now I'm trying to get him off the idea that you guys should take a turn with the fern (which he hates) that was in our grandmother's flower shop.

Maybe the fern will come with whatever we pick off your list.

Daphne said...

I will be sad if we kill the fern, but otherwise am okay with hosting it.

Note to all others: If you think my sister means that Mike said, in jest and while, say, sitting on the sofa, that he was going to wrap up the olive branch espresso set, you're on the wrong track. It probably is literally on the table, waiting to become unused at our house (which you might suggest that you could put it on Craigslist, Lindsay, because as you know, there's no room in our house for espresso sets. Unfortunately.).